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Data Center Super Store

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When it comes to IT help, look no further than Data Center Super Store. We provide IT consulting services to all types of clients.

We are subject matter experts (SME) with experience in data center design, construction, and management from the IT perspective. We can help you accomplish your goals. We will work with you, your project engineers (i.e. mechanical, electrical, civil, etc.), and architects to act as your SME advocate. We offer confidential data center design and management consultation for a fee. However, you can ask us a question or two on this form for free!

Data centers are feeling the impact from the increased demand of more information and longer retention (i.e. legal, auditing, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.). In addition, the impact of blade technology and added disk storage has pushed older data centers to their limits (space, power, and cooling). It may not help you to know, but most data center managers have the same problems you may be experiencing (hot spots, limited space, power demands, cooling demands, etc.). There is a jungle of point solutions offered by various manufactures that solve particular issues, but be aware; some point solutions may just trade one problem for another. Our philosophy is to view your issues within the context of your overall environment and then make our recommendations based on a holistic presentation.

You may have questions regarding a power strategy (2N verses N+1), how many watts per square foot you need for future growth or questions about chemical fire suppression systems verses VESDA and pre-action sprinkler systems? All of these things and more we can help at the Data Center Super Store. In addition, we can help you establish new operating procedures or review your current operational procedures.

Contact us at (877) 324-3793 to learn more about the IT consulting services we offer.