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Our Best Environmental Monitoring Leak detection Systems:

Our conductive fluid sensing cable provides optimal protection for your facility when you don’t know exactly where fluid infiltration might occur.

RLE’s patented design assures fast response time while minimizing or eliminating false alarms due to dust, debris, or other objects on the cable.

Millions of feet of these systems are deployed worldwide, so you can rest easy knowing that your facility is protected by the industry standard for reliable leak detection.

We offer a variety of controllers and sensors for your specific needs; from conductive water fluid detection to acids, bases, and other conductive liquids. The system can send alarms via SNMP, emails, flashing lights and alarms, or however you want it done.

Let the experts at Data Center Super Store help you to select the best choice of sensors and controllers for your application:

  • Zone controllers notify you that there is a leak somewhere along the length of a sensing cable
  • Distance-read controllers pinpoint the location of the leak within inches to assure fast response time in larger areas.
  • Leak rope gives you detection over the entire length of the sensor
  • Spot detector that gives you a small specific area where the leak is
Data Center Super Store Data Center Super Store
Data Center Super Store Data Center Super Store

To view our full spectrum of environmental monitoring products, to see more information, and pricing, check our online store. Contact us at (866) 290-4170 for more information about what solutions and equipment we have for your business.